56,000 Oppositions That Remain To Be Convened Throughout Spain

In our present and future work environment, competing is increasingly a winning option for thousands of Spaniards who are looking for a stable job, a good salary and a steady job. However, achieving a place in the Public Administrations is not an easy task.

To the study of the syllabus and the complementary tests that accompany many oppositions -physical, psychotechnical, office automation, personal interview ?? -, we must add all the “paperwork” and be attentive to the offers and calls that are published daily in all the newsletters State officials: the state or BOE, the regional and local. A daunting task.

The last major calls that have been published do not leave anyone indifferent: 1,115 positions of Administrative Assistant in the Community of Madrid, 1,122 of Service Personnel also in Madrid or 1,822 of Resident Internal Nurse. But when the calls are published, a stressful countdown begins for all opponents, especially for those who have just started their preparation or for those who have not yet decided to take this step.

For this reason, it is also important to know all the places that are pending to be summoned imminently . These positions, which have already been offered in the different official gazettes, can give us a fairly clear idea of ​​the number of jobs that are going to be called over the next three years and offer a guide to all those who are looking for Employment I public a stable employment future on the oppositions that they can prepare.

Next year and the following ones will be especially good periods to achieve a Public Employment and is that to the more than 56,000 positions pending to summon, the retirement of many civil servants is added: according to data from the INE, 45% of public employees now have same over 50 years.

These are, in a detailed way, the places that will communicate their call very soon:

ADMINISTRATION ?? More than 7,300 places awaiting call

Administrative Assistants : 1,483 places pending call

Administrative: 4,400 places pending to summon

Information Technology Assistant Technician : 1,502 vacancies pending for the 2020 and 2021 offers

SERVICES ?? 3,482 places pending to be convened in the coming months

Services Personnel : 115 vacancies for the 2020 and 2021 offers (traffic specialty) and 30 for Usher pending to be summoned.

Libraries and Archives : pending to summon 83 places

Post Office : 3,254 places pending call

FINANCE ?? 3,354 places in the different specialties

Tax Agent : pending to summon 700 places

Finance Technician : 554 places pending to summon

Management Body of the State Civil Administration : 2,100 places pending call

JUSTICE ?? 6,025 places pending to summon

Legal Aid : 1,465 places pending call (1,043 of the 2019 offer, 214 of the 2020 offer and 208 of the 2021 offer)

Procedural processing : 2,117 places pending call (1,017 of the 2019 offer, 547 of the 2020 offer and 553 of the 2021 offer)

Procedural management : 1,493 places pending call (440 of the 2019 offer, 497 of the 2020 offer and 556 of the 2021 offer).

Assistant of Penitentiary Institutions : pending to summon 950 places

EDUCATION ?? In total, 19,140 places to be announced imminently

Secondary teacher : 11,281 places

Primary Teachers : 7,859 places

HEALTH ?? Almost 17,000 places awaiting call

Warden : 3,580 places pending to summon

Nursing : 8,624 places pending to summon

Nursing Assistant : 4,722 places pending to summon

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