Bertram Law Group Launches New Medical Malpractice Law Firm Website

After years of helping Washington, D.C. area residents recover from catastrophic injuries or the loss of their family members due to medical malpractice, Bertram Law Group has developed a new website to help existing and potential clients connect with the firm more easily and efficiently.

With the launch of the new site, victims of medical negligence and their families will have access to information about our firm, our experience, and the types of cases we handle. We understand what prospective clients are looking for when searching for a qualified medical malpractice attorney. We hope that the new site allows them to find the information they need and reach us as quickly as possible when they need assistance and answers.

Our team brings significant experience in both the medical and legal world that makes us highly qualified to help D.C. residents, those who live in the Washington DC area and military families across the globe who have been injured due to medical malpractice. Catherine D. Bertram brings over a quarter century of experience in the litigation of cases involving errors in health care and it Those decades of experience pay dividends to our clients, because our lawyers know how providers will try to defend themselves against allegations of medical malpractice.

Hospitals and other medical providers employ people to help them identify unsafe care, prevent medical errors and analyze and defend malpractice claims. In fact, Catherine D. Bertram did just that for Georgetown Hospital as the Director of Risk Management. Bertram Law Group also has and in-house nurse consultant in Anne D. Pile, RN. She has over 25 of experience in medical legal field.

She helps our team understand the science and the complex medical issues involved in the adverse outcomes our clients suffer and also helps us cross examine the defense health care providers and their experts. Anne is the ultimate nursing patient advocate.

The combined experience that our team brings to each and every client we represent is the key to our success. We have built our practice on providing experienced malpractice representation, we focus almost exclusively on medical malpractice.

The fact is, victims of malpractice need attorneys with as much knowledge of medicine as possible. That’s why so many people in our community have turned to the team at Bertram Law Group for the qualified, knowledgeable legal representation that they need and deserve.

Bertram Law Group is a full-service medical malpractice law firm. Some examples of the kinds of medical malpractice we see often include:

At Bertram Law Group, we know that the circumstances surrounding each medical malpractice claim are unique. That’s why we go to the extra effort of have in-house medical experts on retainer who can promptly review the records and the facts of each case.

We’ve found that one of the keys to successful medical malpractice claims is having the best experts on our side. To that end, we keep nurses and doctors on retainer who can evaluate your claim.

Our firm is proud of the service we provide to Washingtonians and military families across the world who need it. Medical malpractice imposes significant pain, suffering, and costs on those who experience it as well as their families and loved ones. Mindful of just how important health is to our client’s life, we advocate on their behalf aggressively for full and fair compensation.

Depending on the facts of your claim, you may be able to recover economic and non-economic damages, like the cost of your past and future treatment, compensation for the work you missed, and an amount to represent your pain and suffering.

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