Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil In The World

There are more and more fans of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), an essential ingredient in salads and morning toasts that has become the companion in the kitchen for all kinds of elaborations. In addition, it is a source of health and a basic pillar of the Mediterranean Diet. All this exciting world is included in the new edition of the prestigious EVOOLEUM 2022 Guide, which has just been released by Grupo Editorial Mercacei.

As always, the central axis of its pages are the 100 best EVOOs in the world according to the International Awards for the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVOOLEUM Awards, the result of the alliance between Mercacei and AEMO (Spanish Association of Olive Municipalities). A complete information sheet is included for each of them, as well as an image of the container.

After receiving more than 800 samples from about twenty countries, this edition includes juices from ten countries: Spain, Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, the United States, Morocco, Slovenia and Argentina; and a multitude of varieties such as the Spanish picual, hojiblanca, cornicabra, arbequina, aviary, picuda or lemon peak; the Italian coratina, frantoio, bosana or dritta; the Greek koroneiki or tsounati; the Moroccan picholine; the Croatian Istrian bianchera ??

Its already famous TOP10 is once again headed this year by a Spanish oil. And not just any one, because for the first time a cooperative oil leads this prestigious podium and both the content and the container – the work of the designer Isabel Cabello – are a jewel. In second place we find an Italian EVOO, followed by a Croatian one. In total, in the TOP10 of this edition there are 4 Spanish oils, 5 Italian and 1 from Croatia.

1st Olibaeza Premium Picual (97 points). Variety: picual. Jaén (Spain)

2nd Monini Monocultivar Frantoio Bio (96 points). Variety: frantoio. Perugia (Italy)

3rd Monte Rosso Grand Selection (96 points). Varieties: leccino, bianchera, istriana, pendolino, maurino and picholine. Istria (Croatia)

4th Almaoliva Arbequino (96 points). Variety: Arbequina. Cordoba (Spain)

5th Corner of the Subbética Altitude (95 points). Variety: hojiblanca. Cordoba (Spain)

6th Schinosa La Coratina (95 points). Variety: coratina. Barletta-Andria-Trani (Italy)

7th Di Molfetta Frantoiani (95 points). Variety: coratina. Barletta-Andria-Trani (Italy)

8th Giove (95 points). Variety: coratina. Bari (Italy)

9th Biological Natyoure (95 points). Variety: coratina. Bari (Italy)

10th Maeva & Toro (95 points). Varieties: picual, hojiblanca and arbequina. Granada (Spain)

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