Iberdrola Blows Up The Cooling Tower Of The Velilla Thermal

The cooling tower of the Velilla del Río Carrión thermal plant in Palencia, a symbol of this plant for almost 4 decades, is now past. Today at 4 in the afternoon Iberdrola the construction was demolished as part of the dismantling process of the plant, 56 years after its start-up and 15 months after its closure, requested at the end of 2017. It is a process of the that has already been executed about 35% and will last 48 months.

These jobs are involving a large number of suppliers (many premises with a higher work volume than they maintained during the operation of the plant) and around 50 professionals. About half come from contractor companies of the plant and premises; highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the execution of this type of projects of great technical complexity.

The controlled explosion represents another step in the energy transformation of our country towards a sustainable economy. The procedure has been carried out with the maximum guarantees of safety and a minimum environmental impact. In fact, for the demolition of the tower, which exceeds a hundred meters in height and has a weight of more than 7,000 tons, electronic detonators with 82 kg of explosive have been used.

The demolition technique used is one of the most efficient for the dismantling of power plants, by minimizing risks for workers, favoring the circular economy and helping to reduce environmental impact. Likewise, the concrete and metal structure waste will be recycled.

A greener future
Since 2001, Iberdrola has already had a total of 17 coal and fuel oil thermal plants closed in the world, of which the last two, Velilla and Lada, were Spanish.

Iberdrola’s renewables plan in Castilla y León for the coming years that includes the installation of 1,800 MW of renewable energy, both wind and photovoltaic, with a planned investment of 1,300 million euros.

In Velilla it will build one of the largest photovoltaic complexes in the region and in Spain (350-400 MW) with an investment of 300 million euros. In the region, Iberdrola is the leader in renewable energy with the operation of 5,200 MW, which makes it the autonomous community with the most green megawatts installed by the company.

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