Iglesias And The Struggle In The Government, The Failed Torra Website And Airlines

Iglesias fuels the internal struggle in the Government
Although Pablo Iglesias changed the government for radio talk shows, the reality is that his shadow is still very long in Moncloa. So much so that some say that the former vice president of the Executive is the instigator of the current tension in the coalition government. Apparently, Iglesias maintains “almost daily” contact with his successor at the head of Podemos, Ione Belarra, whom he advises on this crisis caused by the labor reform.

“The current secretary general follows the strategy that Iglesias sets for her,” they say in the Podemos environment. In the training they also comment that the return of Iglesias to the first political line, even in the shadows, It is also due to the attitude of Yolanda Díaz after being designated by Iglesias himself as the best possible purple candidate for the next elections. “Iglesias thought that he could handle Díaz from outside the Government.

But it has not been like that,” they indicate in Podemos in reference to the free verse in which the current Vice President of the Executive and Minister of Labor has become. Díaz has marked distances with Iglesias from the first moment and, as they say, his project to create a left-wing platform beyond Podemos is not to the liking of the former UCM professor either.

Quim Torra’s failed ‘web’ page
At the beginning of the year, Quim Torra announced a new section on his website called Blog de Ideas. In it, the former president of the Generalitat wanted to publish his own reflections and also those of other relevant personalities of the independence movement. Well, after almost ten months, this platform only exhibits two publications also made in the first months of the year.

As if that were not enough, the rest of the web is nourished by articles that mostly correspond to acts that Torra carried out when he was president. So little content contribution, in which it was called to be “one of the reference pages of the Catalan independence movement”, has not gone unnoticed in political circles. There are many who already speak of the “failed” website of Torra.

Goodbye to the ‘bargains’ on plane tickets
Throughout the year, airlines have launched very aggressive offers to try to recover demand after the pandemic. Hence, tickets for just over 10 euros have been common in recent months. But in the airline sector it is said that these promotions are coming to an end, since “they cause unaffordable losses for the companies.”

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