Verónica Boix-Mansilla And Paul Levi, Awarded Honorary Doctorates By UIC Barcelona

Dr. Verónica Boix-Mansilla, researcher at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Dr. Paul Levi, professor at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and Harvard School of Dental Medicine, are already honorary doctorates from the University Catalunya International (UIC Barcelona).

The Aula Magna of the University has held this morning the double investiture session , in a solemn act that has been carried out in person, respecting all anti-Covid protocols and measures, and which has been broadcast in turn by streaming.

The act began with the reading of the act of appointment of the two doctors, by Mrs. Belén Castro, general secretary of the University. Next, Dr. Esther Jiménez, dean of the Faculty of Education Sciences, gave the laudatio of Dr. Verónica Boix-Mansilla, and in turn Dr. Lluís Giner, dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, gave that of Dr. Paul Levi. Both have thus highlighted the merits for which they are granted this recognition.

Verónica Boix-Mansilla is recognized worldwide in the field of global competence and interdisciplinary education, and Dr. Paul Levi is a pioneer in showing the relationship between oral health and the general health of people.

The investiture ceremony consisted of the imposition of the cap and the ring to the new doctors , as well as the delivery of the white gloves and the science book to each one of them. The investiture ceremony was followed by the admission speech of the new honorary doctors.

In her speech, Verónica Boix-Mansilla has lectured on the vocation and the act of educating, exposing some of the theses on which she has worked since practically the age of 20. “I often reflect on why we teach what we teach and on the experiences that may one day invite our students to fall in love with a certain field whose meaning guides their lives.

Thus, perhaps an essential pillar in the vocation to educate is understand the broader purpose that gives meaning to our daily educational actions “, he emphasized. Boix-Mansilla has reflected on the current situation in our societies and the role of education in the global context. “We are living in extraordinary times. For more than three decades the world has witnessed a rapid and uneven globalization process,

Boix-Mansilla has also warned of the strong social transformations derived from globalization and the digitization of our societies that have been accompanied by “an increase in global inequalities, political polarization and environmental alterations”, and has denounced the push that is charging in our societies xenophobic nationalisms. The new honorary doctorate has vindicated precisely the crucial role of education in the fight against xenophobia.

“Whether we succeed in harnessing our global interconnectedness to build more inclusive, sustainable and just societies, or whether we fail to do so by allowing hatred, violence and dehumanization, depends, to some extent, on our efforts to review our educational commitments.

For his part, in his speech, Dr. Paul Levi shared with the attendees his passion for dentistry, and especially for periodontology, as well as his commitment to share his knowledge with future dentists. As he has stated, “Passion is determination, and determination is dedication to improving the lives of others through what you can do for them.”

After reviewing the path that led him to enter the School of Dentistry at Tufts University (USA), where he has worked for 27 years, Levi recalled his beginnings in the field of periodontics during his stay in the United States Army. United, which led him to want to become a “teacher of prevention.” As he learned from his mentors, Dr. Irving Glickman and Dr. Samuel Adams, ”

Finally, the event was closed by Dr. Alfonso Méndiz, rector of the University, offering a few words of welcome to the new doctors, who have thus entered the academic faculty of UIC Barcelona. The rector has highlighted in his gratulatory that the two doctors that UIC Barcelona hosts “have excelled in two fields of knowledge, apparently very far apart.

The first is part of the field of health, applied science and healing the body ; the other is situated in the field of education, theoretical-practical science and the development of the person “. In this sense, he stressed that “we could think that one science is the opposite of the other, and that there is hardly any dialogue between them. However, today’s event shows that there is a unity of the sciences” and has celebrated that ”

With this double investiture session, there are now nine honorary doctorates from UIC Barcelona. Verónica Boix-Mansilla and Paul Levi join the list of honorary doctors, which already include Valentí Fuster, Joaquín Navarro-Valls, Rivka Oxman, Pierpaolo Donati, Rafael Pich-Aguilera, Peter Franz Riederer and Ramon Guardans.

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