Way To Get A Permanent Disability Pension Without Asking For It

In order to get a permanent disability pension, would-be pensioners often have to go through a long process with different phases , usually starting with the application for the pension itself. This procedure is the zero kilometer of a road that, however, sometimes begins without the worker’s knowledge.

Because, sometimes, the process of requesting a permanent disability pension starts from Social Security itself, which will ultimately be in charge of deciding whether the worker has the right to collect it and the degree of disability, as explained by the specialized law firm Campmany Abogados .

This circumstance, rare and unknown to the majority of workers, can occur when the maximum 18 months of temporary disability have passed and the worker has not yet requested the opening of a process to request a permanent disability pension. .

In these cases, the worker will receive a communication by registered letter from the Social Security in which the agency will inform him of the beginning of a request for a permanent disability pension , as well as the degree (partial, total, absolute or great invalidity) for which it is requested. The receipt of this letter is good news for the worker, but it does not mean ‘per se’ that he will get a disability pension. Although promoted by the Social Security itself, at that moment it simply begins the application process.

Along with the letter, the Social Security will attach the application form and a ‘letter’: in the first one you will fill in the necessary information and your personal data, while in the second it will report the effects that the illness or disease causes in your life daily, both in the workplace and in the personal.

These two documents will be forwarded to Social Security and the worker will face one of the most delicate steps in the process: face the medical court . Here you must follow a series of tips to solve this procedure with the greatest security. Keeping a cool head, showing a positive attitude and providing all the information available are the ingredients to make the court visit as profitable as possible.

If the court considers that the citizen is indeed entitled to a permanent disability pension, it will send a positive opinion to the corresponding provincial Social Security office. There, the director of said office will have the last word on the pension.

The decision of the Social Security on the pension
In the event that the Social Security decides to grant the pension , the procedures for the payment of the payment will begin. In the information provided, the worker will have indicated the account number in which he wishes to receive the monthly amount of the pension. It will be in that account that the money arrives.

On the contrary, if the Social Security denies the pension , the citizen will be able to claim that decision with a writing to the organism. If, after that claim, the rejection is maintained, you can go through the courts to request your pension. From Campmany Abogados they report that “it is not always possible” to collect the pension even in those cases in which the worker does not request it directly.

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